About Me and My Blogging Jouney

This is samba Siva, The founder and the main author of Blogger WP Hacks. I am only 15 years old. For me, blogging is very hard. Hey, i can't spend so much time and dedication for my blog. My father and grand Father always scolds me for sitting in front of my mobile and PC. Here are some things about me and my journey

My Blogging Journey

Starting this blog

Once upon a time, I went to my brother's home asking for internet. He gave me the internet and i went to a music website called naa songs. There i watched an ad called WIX The Website Builder. At that time, I don't have any idea on advertisements. I don't know that it was an Adsense ad. I clicked on it and went to wix. Then i went to Google again and this time, i searched for " how to start a blog for free ". Then i found Blogger. I just went to Blogger.com and created a blog. I started this blog on Nov 15, 2015. That's how my blog was started.

My first 3 Months

After starting this blog, I started writing crap. I started writing low quality articles with only 100 words. At the time, i even don't know that my blog appears on Search engines. Then i thought, Naa songs.com Appeared on Google and why my blog won't appear on Google. Then i started searching about it. After researching for more than 1 hour, i came to know that there is a thing like SEO. Then i learned Seo with the help of Moz, ShoutMeLoud and Iftiseo to name a few. I really thankful to all those blogs. Then within 5 days, i managed to master blogging and Seo. At the same time, i learned monetization from ShoutMeLoud. The first three months of my journey is full of learning many things like Seo, Adsense, Ad networks etc.

The first comment

After 5 months of starting this blog, i received my first comment. The first commentar of this blog is Toku Buku. And he appreciated me for writing good content. That gave me a good passion and condidence that my blog would just go high up in the sky.

Adsense Approval

For the first time, i applied for Google Adsense after 1 year of starting my blog. And believe me, I got tge approval for the first time. That's a high five. But at the time of receiving the approval mail from Adsense, I am in hospotal. My Grand Mother is suffering from Malaria. So i can't share my happiness with my family. But i shared it with my cousin Bro and he congratulated me.

Wrapping Up

I am really happy because you wanna learn about me and my journey by visiting this page. My blog is a dumb without visitors like you. I will update this page once a miracle happens in my career.