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Advertising is the best way to promote your products, services etc. Many advertisers struggle to use Google Adsense or other ad networks, because advertisers need to spend more and more money on advertising. In this page, i am going to give a new offer. Because i am going to promote your ad for $10 per month.

Blog stats:

Blog name : Blogger WP hacks

Blog description : We help everyone in Seo, make money online and wordpress etc.

Page views per month : approx.2500

Alexa rank:

 Global Rank -10 Lakhs approx.

Rank in India- 55,000 aapprox ( our majority of traffic is from india )

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Blog popularity : Not so high

Blog traffic volume : Not so high

Traffic sources : We only get traffic from Search engine. As our blog is new, we don't have followers or subscribers. So we only get traffic from Google.

Advertising prices

Header right : $10

Sidebar : $10

Below the post : $10


First of all, you need to send your ad in the form of .jpg, .png In Gmail. The price is fixed. You need to contact us via Gmail ( ) and send your ad in attachment. Then i wi reply you and you need to send payment via paypal.