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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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4 Best Buysellads Alternatives : Similar To Buysellads

Want sone best Buysellads alternatives ?

Rejected by Buysellads ?

Don't be sad. Buysellads is not only the thing. There are many ad network similar to Buysellads. We can use them to replace Buysellads.

Direct Advertisements are the one of the best way to sell your unsold ad space in your blog. With, direct advertising, we can easily monetize our blog without any middle-men who take up some Revenue from our earnings. For example, Adsense never share 100% revenue with you, they have some share on your earnings.Adsense shares 56/44 ratio . To resolve this issue, we can use direct advertisements. Finding an advertiser for your blog is really hard. For small bloggers like me, it is really an impossible event. To find advertisers, There are many direct ad networks like Buysellads.

But, you must understand that no service is free, Buysellads also take up some revenue from your earnings. But if you don't use any network like BuysellAds, you can enjoy 100% revenue. Anyway, this article is only written for those who are looking for high quality and best BuysellAds alternatives. We never post rubbish content here on Pro Blogger How.

What is BuysellAds ?

BuySellAds is an ad network founded in 2004 and it is different from others. It is a direct ad network in which your blog is listed in marketplace and if an advertiser is willing to buy your ad space, he will buy it. In this network, you have the capability to select your rates. Yes, you can even put a price tag of $1000/month, if you have a good blog which receives tons and tons of traffic. For now, it is over about this network and if you are interested in reading more, Here is a detailed review about BuySellAds from Harsh Agarwal. Now we are going to inform you about 4 best buysellAds alternatives and in the end of the post, i am also going to tell you why you need alternatives for BuySellAds.

Best BuySellAds Alternatives for small bloggers

1. Forums like Digital Point

Buysellads alternatives

Forums are the best way to get answers from experts and share knowledge with others. But forums can help you in finding advertisers who are willing to advertise. I know that you guys can't get me, To explain clearly, Every forum has its own Buy and Sell category in which you can easily buy and sell ad space in your blog. For example, if an advertiser wants to advertise on a tech blog and your blog is related to the advertiser category, you can ping him and send him the details like Rates, Image Formats and bla bla ! . Then if he accept your request, he/she will pay you and you can add the advertisement to your blog. In this way, forums can act as an buysellads alternative and it is suitable for small bloggers too. 


1. No need of paying comission


1. Finding opportunities is very hard as there are no guys to support you ( MiddleMen )

2. Adclerks ( Publicity clerks )

A direct ad network for medium bloggers. Actually i applied for this network with my blogspot blog and they rejected my blog and i understood that they won't approval all blogs submitted to their network. With publicity clerks, you can easily sell ad space in your blog. We can choose our own rates, there is no one to decide our blog's ad space rates. The minimum traffic requirement is 100K and sometimes they will approve blogs with low traffic too. They pay via Paypal for their publishers


Large pool of advertisers

Highly dedicated support

Paypal support


We need a minimum of 100K visitors which is very catchy for small bloggers like me. Yes, it is a best Buysellads alternative, But only for some big bloggers.

3. Blogads

Blogads is one of the oldest buysellads alternative, Because it was founded on 2002 ( I'm also born on 2002 ). Like Buysellads, Blogads has its own marketplace in which publisher's websites get listed and advertisers purchase the ad space. Being an older network, it has a good reputation and more than 4000 Advertisers in the pool. According to many bloggers, This network only accept blogs with a minimum of 30,000 monthly impressions, making it an ad network for Medium traffic blogs. But according to me, there are no minimum traffic requirements. Give it a try once. Blogads uses NET30 payment terms. They pay via PayPal, cheque and
Wire transfer. The minimum
payout is only $75 via PayPal

4. Adsella

Buysellads alternatives

Adsella was founded in 2010, it is one of the fastest growing direct ad network and a very good buysellads alternative. It is really good for small bloggers who are looking to sell their ad space. But when compared to BuySellAds, this network has lesser advertiser which means it is very rare to find a quality advertiser who are willing to advertise on your blog for high cost. In this network, Sometimes you need to sell your ad space for low cost. Adsella take up 20% of your earnings as commission. Hey, you don't need to give them a commssion, they will take it automatically from your account. Adsella allows you to withdrawl your earnings through Paypal, Payza and Bank wire too.


1. Easy approval ( even your blog gets low pageviews )

2. Many payment proofs available


1. Less number of advertisers when compared to BuySellads. But alternatives always lacks something.

5. Advertise with us page

The best way to sell ad space is directly putting a price tag in your blog. Even here at pro Blogger How, we have an advertise with us page. If an advertiser visit your blog and he/she likes it. He will look out for an advertise with us page and start contacting you for advertising their product. The best part is, no one takes away earnings from you. Anyway, an advertise with us works like a charm and can be declared one of the best Buysellads alternatives.

Why choosing alternatives

Undoubtedly, BuySellAds is very good and it must be the first option to go with. But here are some reasons to choose alternatives leaving a top brand :

1. Approval is not easy. Buysellads is looking only for high quality blogs having good content, Alexa, Backlinks to name a few. Approval is very tough for small blogger but if you follow this guide to Get buysellads approval, it is very easy. Never submit a site which is in Developing or under-construction situation.

2. High competition : Yes you heard it right. There are many big blogs in buysellads marketplace which means it is very rare for the advertiser to find your blog.

these are some aspects which irritates us and makes us looking for some best Buysellads alternatives.

Some other networks might be listed in future :

1. OIO publisher Plugin

2. Matomy Seo ( Text link ad network )

If i missed any best Buysellads alternative, Please remind me, Using comments.


These are the 4 best buysellads alternatives to sell your ad space. I recommend you to check out BuySellAds first, If you won't gor an approval, never lose hope. Try it again and again. But if you are tired with BuySellAds, try one of these alternatives and sell your ad space.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

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How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently In 5 Minutes

Want to delete a Blogger blog permanently ?

Are you messed up with your blog ? 😞😞

Wanna start a new blog and delete the old ones ?

If yes, you are really lucky this day. Because i am going to provide a detailed tutorial about removing a Blogger blog permanently.

After writing, moderating and maintaining your blog for months and months, it is very easy to earn a small income from that blog.

Hey tell me, who won't like earning online ?

It is really a good feeling to earn money online. But there are some days, when you are frustated about your blog. You will get a feeling of deleting your blog. But you must be careful while making these type of decisions. Before trying to delete your blogger blog permanently, just think about your hardwork. Once upon a time, i deleted this blog, because one of my post which is 1500 words couldn't be able to rank in the first page of Google. This is a very funny reason. But at that time, i don't know anything about ranking, that's why i was really frustrated. In this post, i am going to show you a tutorial on How to delete a Blogger blog permanently.

How to delete a Blogger blog Permanently

1. Go to Blogger.com and login with your Google account and click on the blog which you want to delete.

delete a Blogger blog permanently

2. Click on settings and click on Other

delete a Blogger blog permanently

3. On scrolling, you will find a button called delete blog. Click on it

4. Blogger will show you a warning that your blog is going to removed permanently. Click on delete the blog.

5. Now your Blogger Blog is permanently deleted. Never forget that, you have the option to restore your blog within 90 days of deleting your blog.

What to do before deleting a blog

Think : Before deleting your blog, just think about your hardwork. You might have built so many backlinks, written so many posts or articles, Your blog might got a good alexa rank. I suggest you to read the interviews of successful bloggers, of you got a feeling of removing your blog. There are many days, in which i wanted to remove my blog, When i get that type of feeling, i will go to ShoutMeLoud and read about my blogging god, Harsh Agarwal's journey and His income reports too. That give me so much inspiration, and will lose the feeling of removing my blog.

Export : Hey, if you written some of the best and unique articles in your blog, i suggest you to export your blog. After exporting your blog, you can even restore all the blog posts in future with your future blog.

Export template : If you are using a custom template and made so many edits to the template, it is better to export the template and save it carefully. Because after removing your blog, your template would also be removed. An you cannot access it after 90 days

Wrapping up

This is the tutorial about how to delete a Blogger blog and i never recommend deleting your blog. This is the thing i am going to tell you all the time, before deleting your blog, think of your hardwork and future, you will lose the feeling. Or make someone a role model of your career. For example, i made Harsh Agarwal, my role model and whenever i need inspiration, i will read his interviews.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

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iwriter Review : Make Money Online Writing Articles

Do you have unique writing style ?

Want to make money by writing articles ?

Are you tired of bidding projects in Freelancer ?

If yes, The answer is iwriter. In this article, i am going to take a look at iwriter review and Tutorial.

Writing articles is one of the best way to make money online. But finding the projects is very hard. To get some projects, you need to have some good connections with many bloggers and employers. Even though there are many sites like Freelancer, UpWork and Guru etc to find out writing projects. But there is so much competition in those websites 👋🅸. Before you bid on a project, Many freelancers bid on the project. So winning a project is very hard. To avoid this competition, We need to find out some other websites like iwriter, Content Mart etc. In this article, I am going to write an in-depth and genuine iwriter review. 

What is iwriter ?

iwriter Review

iwriter is a content marketplace where many people like employers and writers are there. Employers give out some work like Write an article, Write an ebook etc. All the work is writing, you cannot find Designing, App development Projects here . After the employer gives an article ( Work ), You ( writer ) can write the article and get paid. The good thing is the employer will give you the topic and you can proceed towards writing the article

iwriter Review for publishers

Signup and approval

iwriter Review

Hey guys, this is not an ad network. So no need of even writing about signup and approval. But as per the formality, The process of Registration in iwriter is :

1. Go to iwriter through this link and fill out all the details and verify your email to get instant access to login into your account.

How to make money with iwriter

1. Go to your account by logging in with your credentials

2. Click on write content

iwriter Review
3. Select an article. As a new writer, you can only write Standard level articles. I am going to explain these things later.
iwriter Review
4. Click on + and click on write article. Then you need to pass an examination. This is not a long exam. This is just a simple 15 questions grammar test and you need at least 13 score to get the eligibility to write article. After the completion of Grammar test, start writing the article. After the completion of writing the article, click on submit and if the employer approves your article, you will get paid.

Writer Levels

iwriter works on the writer levels. The highest level you have, the more you get paid. These are the levels of iwriter:

Standard: This is the basic level. Every new writer will be on this level. And the payouts are very low. Even though you write a 500 word article, you can only get $1. These are the lowest rates ever for a writer. To unlock the next level, you need to write more articles and get good ratings from the employer.

Premium : The name suggests that this is a good level. Actually, premium refers to Paid version. But iwriter don't have a paid version. Premium refers to high pay rates. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 word article. This is good rate and would be suitable for medium writers. Hey hold on ! Do You have more and more talent ? , Do you think that you can get more rates, do you have unique writing style ? . If yes, you can get more, by going to next level.

Elite: This is only for people who have unique and good writing style and talent. The payments are higher and the projects are bigger. So you must have the capability to write for any topic, Category. According to me you can $15 per 500 word article. Not only that, they have even better, High paying and bigger level. To achieve the level, you must be a master of writing, Seo etc.

Elite Plus : Elite Plus is the highest level of iwriter. Reaching this level is almost impossible for small writers. Elite plus writers must be good at Seo, Have unique grammar skills, Have unique writing skills and have the capability to write at least 10 articles a day. But wait, there are very low amount of Elite Plus projects. Actually, an Elite plus writer can get $50 per 500 words. Yes, you heard it right. You can make $50 for a 500 word article, making this iwriter review more sweet to read.


iwriter Review

The minimum payout of iwriter is $20 and can be easily reached, if you reach the premium level. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 words. And if you write 4 articles as a premium writer, You can reach the minimum payout and they pay via Paypal, Cheque and Bank wire too. But i prefer Paypal as primary payment method, as it is more trusted and used by all internet marketers across the world.

That's all for writers and with this section, iwriter review is complete for writers and now the review for employers will start. I suggest you to read this article, it may help you later, if you need content for your blog.

iwriter review for Employers

How to get Content with iwriter

iwriter is a very good marketplace in which many writers write unqiue articles. To get special and unique content, you need to place the request in marketplace. Here is the way to get content with iwriter.

 Adding money to your account

1. There is no need of signing up for an employer account. Because, you have two roles with one account. There is no need of any account. Login with your normal iwriter account.

2. Click on Get content

3. Click on add money

4. Select your amount. For example, if you want only one article, you can add $10 to your account. You can add how much you need.

5. Click on add money and it will be redirected to Paypal. Login with your Paypal account and pay the money.

Adding your request in marketplace

1. Click on Get Content

2. Type what type of article you need, at how much budget etc. I mean to say, fill out all the details.

3. Click on submit.

4. And your request will bs accepted and your article will be added into marketplace and a writer will write the article for you. Don't forgot, you have the right to reject an article.

Now, the iwriter review for employers is complete. And we can proceed towards other things.

Scam Or Legit

There is no doubt, iwriter is one of the best content marketplace for both Writers and employers. Iwriter is not a scam and it is fully genuine, so you can proceed towards signing up with this network and start making money.


This iwriter review is written for both writers and employers. I suggest you to join this network and write article and start making money and build your online presence.

Why don't you share this review with your friends and family ?

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

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5 Best Free and Paid SemRush Alternatives For Better Keyword Research

Want to rank higher in search engines ?

Want to beat all your competitors and steal their traffic ?

 Using Semrush, But tired of paying charges ?

If yes, you are in a very good place today. Because, in this article we are going to take a look at 5 Best Free and Paid SemRush alternatives As a blogger, you must know, what is Keyword Research and How to do keyword research ?
Because, search engines like Google, Only look out of keywords while ranking a blog post while crawling them. So you must optimize your blog posts and you can optimize your blog post for search engines with this free guide on Writing Seo optimized content. Even in that guide, i've added keyword research, Because picking out best keywords is a must.

Best SemRush alternatives

To pick out best keywords, you need a keyword research tool like SemRush. SemRush is one of the leading keyword research tool in the world and it is used by many Seo experts. Here is a in-depth SemRush review from my side, to give you some more information about it. But there are some guys, who are not satisfied with SemRush. For those, this is going to be a very good day, as they are able to learn more about Best free and Paid SemRush alternatives to find better keywords for their blog posts.

1. LongTail Pro- Paid SemRush Alternative

Paid SemRush Alternative

LongTail Pro can also be defined as the best and longest rival of SemRush. Actually, LongTail Pro is not an online keyword research tool, you need a Windows or Mac PC to install and use LongTail pro, making it a very good Paid Semrush alternative for PC.This software costs you $47 per month an the maximum feature version costs 67$ per month. To use LongTailPro, you must install adobe air software in your PC. Without adobe air, this software won't work.

LongTailPro is really good for those who are looking to start a Micro-niche blog ( A blog that only concentrates and writes about only one niche and make money from advertisements by getting an Adsense approval ) .

Because LongTailPro is very accurate when it comes to showing up the real competition. This makes it a real SemRush alternative. For example, if a keyword has 0-40 competition means low competition and you can easily rank for it and if the keyword has more than 50 competition, it is hard to rank for the keyword and it needs so much time, Hard Work, Backlinks, Social shares.

At the same time, you can even check out the average CPC of a keyword. For example, if a keyword has $5 CPC, you can approximately get $5 per click using Adsense. So if you are planning to launch a micro niche blog, it is better to signup with LongTailPro and find out high paying, Low competitive keywords and start making money.

2. Google Keyword Planner - Free SemRush alternative

Free SemRush alternative

Any list about " free SemRush Alternatives " wouldn't be completed without this tool. It provides you accurate data and CPC of the keyword.

But why it is so accurate ?

Because, it is a keyword research tool provided by Google. This is actually designed for Advertisers. Can't get me ?

Google earns a lot from search engine advertisements called Adwords. When you search for something, you can see some listings with a green label called ads. Those are Adword ads and when you click on them, the advertiser has to pay something to Google. Here keywords matter. For example, if the advertiser is targeting a high traffic keyword, he/she has to pay more. So they only look out for low CPC keywords and pay lesser to Google.

But bloggers has to check out the high CPC keywords and when anybody clicks on the ad on the page which has the keyword, you will get more and more earnings from Adsense.

With these statistics, you have to understand that Google keyword planner is a very good free SemRush alternative. Bloggers can easily use this tool to find Seo keywords and get high amount of traffic from search engines

3. Keywordtool.io- Both Free and Paid

The simple and best keyword research tool based on Google keyword planner. Keywordtool.io have their own keyword database and to improve the accuracy, they are also using Adwords Database. And this makes keywordtool.io, a best free and paid SemRush alternative. This tool helps you jn getting keywords in Bing, Google and Youtube too. This means, you can even use this tool for youtube Seo optimization. With free version, you can only get a list of huge keywords which helps you in generating many content ideas for your blog. But you won't get any other things like Competition, CPC with free version. But, if you purchase the full version, you can get more than 500 related keywords with CPC, Competition and other things.

4. Google Suggest Tool

When you type something on the Google search bar, you will find related topics to your keyword. For example, if you type something like Youtube, you will get many suggestions like Youtube Seo, Make Money from Youtube and many other keywords. And this makes, Google suggest one of the best and free Semrush alternatives. At the same time, you don't need to spend, so much time, Even you don't need to visit a website ( If your homepage is Google ). But this will not provide you any other details like Volume, CPC, Competition etc. But you must keep in mind that it is not a keyword research tool just some set of suggestions to improve Google Search, But we can use if for Blogging to. And this can be easily considered as the simple SemRush alternative.

5. KWfinder- Free and Paid

Free and Paid SemRush alternative

My all time favourite keyword research tool. According to me, it is not a SemRush alternative, it is the biggest rival of both SemRush and LongTail Pro. It is very easy to use KWfinder to find long-tail keywords for Seo. At the same time, you can check out many things like CPC, Competition for the specific keyword. I think this tool is perfect for finding the competition of keyword. It really helps me in ranking some of my keywords in the first page of Google.

The free version helps you in checking 3 keywords per 24 hours. The medium pack which costs $12/month, helps you in checking 100 keywords in 24 hours. And the maximum pack which costs $25 per month helps you in checking out 500 keywords per 24 hours.

I recommend you to check out the second pack which costs you only $12 per month.


These are some best free and paid SemRush alternatives. With these alternatives, you can easily cut down the high price tag of SemRush. It would be helpful, even you wanna try out some more keyword research tools.
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Image Optimization In Seo : Rank Higher In Google Images

While composing a blog post, we should lean toward includ

ing pictures. However, why ?

Image Optimization In Seo

Pictures helps us to understand the article more. It helps us in clarifying step-by-step tutorials which are written by numerous bloggers including me. In the meantime, Pictures helps the visitor to engage with our blog post and by including pictures, we can build client engagement which helps us to enhance our blog quality. Images are the best one to enhance our blog. That is the main reason to include pictures in our blog. At the same time, Bloggers must focus on image optimization in Seo

Must Read: How to write seo optimized content in Wordpress and Blogger 

Image optimization in Seo

1. Alt tags

Alt tags assumes a key part in positioning a picture in the first page of Google images. Really, My niche ( Category ) is not focused on images by any means. However, in the event that your blog is a gallery or pics of Something, you should do image optimization in Seo. Since, individuals never click on blogs for pictures, instead they will look at Google images and download in the event that he/she enjoys it. So you should optimize images

What is an Alt tag ? 

Alt tag is a html tag which tells search engines, What the image is. Google and other search engines never watch images. They aren't humans, They are bots. Bots only check out content, they never check-in images. That is the reason to inform search engines about your image. To inform, we will include an alt tag, which assumes an essential part in image optimization in seo. So to add an alt tag, here is a little guide

In blogger : 

Go to blogger and click on edit a post.

2. Click on the picture in which you wanna include an alt tag

3. Click on properties

Image Optimization In Seo

4. Write an alt tag. For example, if you are adding an image about alt tags, Sort in it as alt labels. And whatever a visitor look out for pictures about Alt labels, May your picture show up as per your on and Off page Website optimization in the list.

In Wordpress :

Simply add a plugin called Seo friendly Images and before uploading the image, Rename it and You are finished. No additional optimization is required.

2. Name of the image

Yes, The name of images matter as well. It is not possible in Blogger, Since every image, we include in our blogger blog posts aren't hosted in our blog. Instead, they will be hosted on Picasa ( A Google product ). That is the reason, Every one of the names of your pictures would be like :


It is not optimized, but we don't have an alternative to optimize it. 

But, Wordpress clients can do this without any stress. You should simply, before uploading the picture, rename it. For instance, in the event that you are including a picture about Image Optimization in Seo, Name it like that and upload the picture.

Wordpress clients can even include an alt tag consequently by renaming pictures.

3. Picture size

Image Optimization In Seo
above image is very small in size
Page load time is a now an official positioning factor of Google. To rank higher in Google, Bloggers must deal with website speed by optimizing a few things like Gadgets, Promotions and Javascripts and so on.

In any case, why this thing listed in this post ? 

Since Pictures can easily increase page size which will increase page load time and can undoubtedly Drop your rankings in search engines. Even though, you optimize blog post with keyword placement, You will never rank higher. So to decrease blog load time, We should take care of Image Optimization in Seo

 How to optimize Pictures for Speed ? 

Image compression is a great strategy to drop down the size of image without influencing the quality of the photo. To compress images, We should use a few tools :

For blogger : There are no tools and plugins for Blogger. So you should compress pictures by using a image compressing tool which can be effortlessly found by typing a qurey like compress images in Google. One of the best image compression tool is Compressjpeg, which can easily reduce size of pictures. All you have to do is select the picture and select pixels or Select picture size which includes Little, Medium and so on. At that point click on optimize, download the optimized picture and upload it in your blog post.

For Wordpress: You can take the assistance of plugins like Smush.it, ShortPixels and so on. Smush.it will enhance pictures automatically while they are getting uploaded in your blog.


These are some techniques For Image optimization in Seo. With these tricks and technqiues, You can take your blog images to next level by ranking them higher in Google Images. For more things Related to Seo, Subscribe for us.
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